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CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil: Knowing the Difference Between these Healthy Alternatives for Healing


Healthy alternatives

Healthy alternatives and options are in-demand nowadays, most especially those products made from the hemp plant: the CBD oil and the hemp oil. People are becoming more comfortable using both products because of their natural ingredients.

These substances contain 0-0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is a cannabinoid that gives the “kick” or psychoactive reaction to its user.

Although popular, some are still unaware that these oils are actually different from one another. Knowing the difference can help the reader decide whether he needs CBD oil or hemp oil.

This article aims to provide a simple breakdown of the difference between the both.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil


CBD oil is an extract from the whole hemp plant, including flowers. It contains high amount of cannabidiol (CBD), a vital substance that helps the body in many ways.

On the other hand, hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds. It is also popularly known as hemp seed oil. Unlike CBD, this oil contains a small amount of CBD.


Aside from composition, CBD oil and hemp oil are also different in terms of benefits.

CBD oil is best known to help alleviate pain and inflammation. It is also used for depression, anxieties, and other behavioral issues that affect the human’s emotions.

Further studies are being conducted to strengthen the “magic” of CBD oil. A research concluded that CBD oil can be used as an “assistant” for cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The product is so effective that manufacturers even sell CBD oil for pets.

Consequently, hemp oil serves as a supplement for one’s diet. It may not be used for frying but it can be mixed in salad dressings, dips, pesto, and smoothies.

Some people also use hemp seed oil to have healthy skin. When taken orally, this oil reduces itchiness and dryness. Some beauty products today include hemp oil for their clients to achieve glowing skin naturally.

Pricing for these healthy alternatives

Hemp oil is affordable but is more pricey than regular cooking oils. Meanwhile, CBD oil is more expensive than the hemp seed oil since CBD oil is extracted from the whole plant itself.

Also, most manufacturers sell CBD oil online, while hemp oil can be found in some typical stores. This is because there are some states that limit the production and retailing of CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

Customers have to understand the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil for them to know what they actually need. It is easier for them to decide which would actually help their condition at the moment.

Both products are helpful to humans to live a healthy lifestyle. Hemp oil can be used for cooking nutritious recipes and maintaining the skin. On the other hand, CBD oil is used for pain and anxiety treatment, and sleeping disorders.

Nonetheless, both oils are made from natural ingredients without the risk of getting high. The products are tested to ensure quality.

Overall, people can use CBD oil and hemp oil depending on the end result they want to achieve.