StoneZone Rewards Points

How do StoneZone rewards work?

You get rewards points for being a loyal customer! We give you 10% back in StoneZone rewards points for every purchase! So for every $10 you spend we give you $1 back!

How can I earn StoneZone rewards points?

You can earn StoneZone Rewards Points in the following ways:

  1. Purchasing products. Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.
  2. Refer a friend. Earn 5 points for each friend you refer after they make their first purchase!
  3. Social sharing. Follow us on Instagram to get 5 points.
  4. Write a product review. After you purchase a product you can leave a review about it and earn 15 points!

How do I check my StoneZone rewards points?

Just click login in the menu to view your account. Right on the dashboard you will see your rewards points balance.

When can I spend my StoneZone rewards points?

As soon as you collect 350 points ($35 dollars worth) you can cash them in! You can purchase any menu items with rewards points. (Order minimum of $45 still applies for delivery.)

Do I have to spend all of my StoneZone rewards points at once?

No! You can use any portion of your points on your order. If you have 1000 you only need to spend the minimum 350 points. ($35 dollars worth.)